Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cuddly teddy bears

Let's get a sense of perspective. 0.015% of travelling Huns got themsels lifted.

If you believe the varying reports, there were either 150000 or 200000 weegies in Manchester yesterday. If 30 or 42 or fitever were lifted fae volatile crowd situations far the cooncil had failed to show a match many had come to see, fit dae yi expect?

Seems the cooncil are blaming the Polis and the Polis are blaming the supporters and the Tories are blaming the Polis and the fans are blaming the Polis and the cooncil. Me, I jist think if 200000 weegies were partying a'taegither a' day onywire there's gonna be a wee stooshie. I div feel sorry for a' my GMP colleagues, especially the injured eens. Oh, aye, the ambulance staff en 'a.

But, let's get back to a sense of proportion. Read that stat again..... 0.015% eejits. Now we a' ken stats are the truth, the whole truth and naithin like the truth, min.

Given they were fae weegieland, this is naithin short o' a miracle, min. Disnae stop the hand wringing though. I know this loon and tak it fae me, he's a mannie fit opens his moo afore engaging his brain.

Last time that many Jox invaded Englandshire, there wis a wee bit mair bother!

... and jist to show yiv I dinna think a' weegies are eejits, just keek at RFC's response to the untimely death o' the Tims and Scotland legend Tommy Burns.

Nice one, Rangers.

Now I dinna say that aften!

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Anonymous said...

If I have mis-interpreted any sarcasm in this post, then my apologies, it must have been lost in translation.
Whilst I agree it was only a small proportion of Rangers fans that caused any trouble, people trying to hide behind this percentage of numbers arrested really pushes the buttons.
40-50 arrests? Yes. Only 40-50 causing bother? I think not. Add a zero on the end and you're starting to get closer.
As you must know, the priority in a serious public order situation is not to be making arrests, but to keep yourselves, the public, and property safe, and try and maintain some sort of control and keep the peace.
If GMP had had unlimited resources that night, and could arrest every fan that was worthy of being arrested, how would the stats look then?

Noddy said...


There was no sarcasm, well OK a bit.

The facts are simple, 1 arrest is too many, 1 lout is too many, 1 injured PC is too many, 1 attack on ambulance staff is too many, 1 act of criminal damage is too many. But we don't live in a perfect society and crime happens, that's why we are in a job.

The problem was that 200000 people, drunk or not, in a crowd, is a VERY volatile situation and can easily go tits up.

If you were to take an average population of this size on an average day, I suspect arrests would be near enough the figure for Wednesday's events. Add to the cocktail, all day drinking, mob mentality, failed equipment and a poor risk assessment and you have a recipe for disaster. On an average day's events in average town, I suspect we don't catch all the miscreants either.

It wasn't pleasant viewing, but for most of the day it was reported as a 'carnival' and for 99.985% it still was, even if they lost.

Oliver Smith said...

aye there wis a few eejits oot there the other night. Then again, what else is there to expect fae a pack o' steamin' weegies?

Noddy said...

... and finally.