Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rosy Lea

We are often culpable, us older Police bloggers, of looking at the past through rose tinted glasses.

But, here is a tale of serious woe suffered by our forebears in the 50's.

The tea situation would be "very serious" if there was a widespread attack on Britain by both A bombs and H bombs, a team drawing up contingency plans for food supplies said.

"The tea position would be very serious with a loss of 75% of stocks and substantial delays in imports and with no system of rationing it would be wrong to consider that even 1oz per head per week could be ensured," noted one official.

"No satisfactory solution has yet been found."

Sounds like Policing today.

Anyone for a cuppa?

What would Twining say?

"Make mine black" probably!

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dickiebo said...

'Make mine black.' Are we allowed to say that?

RT said...

Hmmm...drink water? Heh. Imagine being in on a meeting that has to come up with plans in the event of an A-Bomb and an H-Bomb. Scary.

Annette said...

Yes Twining will probably say that!! LOL
I don't know what us Brits would do if we couldn't drink tea!

TotallyUn-PC said...

History has taught me not to brag until the fat lady speweth!

But it is looking good for the last game.

Moscow is a different game... its an all or nothing... should be exciting and I don't think there's much between us on the day....

I'll not hold a blue cup against pal!

Twining said...

Noddy, I would say tea for two, tow for tea!

Twining said...

or even two for tea!

Noddy said...


It was merely a reference to a previous post!


I'd rather not.


I think the blues deserve a medal just for being so close to breaking United's grip on the Premiership, which they probably deserve, if only for the sheer brilliance of Ronaldo. Fancy a swap for Drogba?



When you come north the kettle will be on.

Sage said...

Tea is the recipe for curing all, can make a person feel better, can be for company with friends, can be a special occasion but always, always comforting...

The world would end without the Brits making tea... lol

TWINING said...

Oi Sage, Tea is Indian!

Sage said...

Not all tea is Indian, though I would have to agree that the best tea in the world is grown in the Assam region.. but it is also grown in china and the cameron highlans in Malaysia as well.

Sorry I should have said tea brewed by brits as being more politically correct ;-)

Noddy said...


IF I recall the Cameron Highlands stuff was called Boh Tea?

Sage said...

That's right - the Boh Tea company.. for years we had some of the packets as mementos but finally it was one move too many and they vanished into the ether..

Sounds like it is a familiar area.. do you recall the fosters smokehouse?

Noddy said...


Nope. Too young to smoke tiga lima and it was Anchor and Tiger beer that seemed to sell best, nae Fosters!