Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Copper found

It's OK, none of my colleagues have been posted as missing, it's just a quick jibe at the world of jobsworths.

There seems to be a growing collection of them spread about the country kicking up a stink about the pettiest of misdemeanours.

Don't worry though, because soon minor offences wont go anywhere near attracting a spell in pokey.

Sometimes, I wonder who lives in the land of make-believe!

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some bloke said...

I see one of these overbearing authority stories more or less every day in the DT; Mondays was about a village festival being spoilled by Essex Highways demanding overzealous implentation of regulations re attaching bunting to lamp posts.

So I was familiar with the story of the public spirited cat lady though that of the Skunk was new.

As for the girl in the shop; since she would be below the age of criminal responsibilty was it in fact " theft " ?

I would love for there to be somewere in bloggland where a permanent updateable record of this nonsense could be published to be pushed in the odious faces of the beaurocrats who are ruining our lives.

I thought they had been put down by the comic genious of Dads Army in the person of ARP Warden Hodges " Put that light out ! "

Here is Tuesdays from the DT

" A 135 year old cricket club has been blocked from putting up practise nets because over-zealous planners fear ( they ) may shatter the rural peace and quite

"However, none of the residents in the 50 houses nearest the proposed nets had objected and, in fact, some have signed a petition supporting the club"

some bloke said...

Sorry for the double post; here is todays DT horror story.

"Every household could have to nominate an adult who will take legal responsibility for its bins "

"A draft letter from the Tory-led ( Plymouth ) council includes a questionnaire which asks each household to nominate an adult who will take legal responsibility for its bins...

The questionnaire also asks about the number of adults and children living in a house, their medical conditions, and whether they use disposable nappies. "

Just who do these people think they are ?

Area Trace No Search said...

Oh come on boss, there's a detection waiting somewhere in this situation.

Annette said...

The lady who put up notices about the cat was wrong, you do have to have permission, although her heart was in the right place.
The staff at woolworths,was also right, it is theft, although it could have been handled in a more dignafied way. It is theft and the childs parents should not have let her take a sweet.
When a parent comes to my till and gives me an apple core or a banan skin and laughs and says that the child has eaten it. I bloody tell them that we cannot weigh a apple core or banana skin.
Wheres the actual apple or banana?
I've even called a manager over to the customer because all he did was laugh.. He soon went away wiht a flea in his ear I can tell you.
If they allow the children to help themselves to one sweet, where will it end?
The staff are right on this occasion.

RT said...

Tact--so lacking these days.

Anonymous said...

Might need to wander up the road to catch a peek of this skunk. Imust confess to have never seen it before!

Oliver Smith said...

I whole-heartedly agree with the calls to scrap prison sentences of less than 6 months. Our system is based upon rehabilitation rather than retribution (and quite rightly so). Prison sentences of less than 6 months have been shown to be ineffective when it comes to provisions for rehabilitation. In the short time spent in prison by these people it is just not possible for the root cause of their offending to be addressed effectively and it would be far more appropriate to deal with this in the community. Offences which would normally attract a spell in prison and where to not give a custodial sentence would be in appropriate should have a starting point of at least 6 months in custody.