Wednesday, February 14, 2007

0/10 - See me please.

A number of media sources such as the Beeb and in more detail The Independent report today that Unicef research entitled Child Poverty in Perspective: An Overview of Child Well-being in Rich Countries shows that our yoof fare worst out of 21 countries.

That may surprise some and not others, but being bottom of the class is surely an indictment of the failure of the promised policy of Education, Education, Education.

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BigFellainBlue said...

There are a few issues,
1) is the fact that it seems parental responsibility has disappeared from the lower echelons of the gene pool,
2) the fact that there is no discipline that can be given out by schools, parents or the police 3) the two above have lead us to this chavvy, burberry wearing, underage parenting, non working, thieving, drugtaking, benefit taking scumbag underclass.
Number 3 is 90% of whom the Police/Courts spend most of their time dealing with.
4) the spinless court system/home office in general - 10yrs should mean 10yrs, if you have denied the rights of others by breaking into their houses, stealing their cars, robbing them then you should expect your rights to be denied (eg crims taking people to court at taxpayers expense after already getting free defence for the fiftieth time)

I used to get smacked by my parents, the slipper, back of the hand, ruler/board rubber/smack by the teachers at school!! This in my eyes has worked, I dont feel abused or unable to fit in with the world at large, I have a fulltime job, a family and feel I am well adjusted. Basically discpline works - Im not talking beatings/ and locking in cupboards for days without feeding there is a line between well used discipline and torture/child abuse.

Annette said...

I totally agree with bigfellainblue.

The parents these days just don't want the responsibility of bringing up children, and teachers can no longer discipline anyone.

Discipline does work, otherwise we would all be bad, wouldn't ewe?

Annette said...

By the way, I have just been looking at your photos.
The views are beautifull.
I presume that is your family, there lovely.
As for your dogs.....they are gorgeous.
I like "the tongue" one!
Did make me laugh.

I wonder if I could ask you to take that one photo off. The one with the baby. ( taking drugs?)
You have a lovely front page.......but I'm afraid that photo upsets me a lot.


Noddy said...


RE photos.... glad you liked them other than my grab you by the goolies moment on my sidebar. To which I suppose I could say, that's the point. It's meant to be hard to look at. I promise to remove it if folk will look at my post about it and make some comments. I cannot believe no-one has.

It came from a Barnardo's campaign called Giving Children Back Their Future (1999-2000)

This campaign included seven press advertisements which depicted children in adult situations, such as a baby injecting heroin, a toddler clutching a bottle of whisky and another preparing to commit suicide. The advertisements aimed to show what potentially disastrous adulthoods await many of the disadvantaged and vulnerable young people Barnardo's works with. The main copy line always gives the child’s name and current adult age. The advertisements were also designed to force a reappraisal of Barnardo's and all it stands for: a contemporary and relevant charity. There was also one advertisement which showed the baby in the original ‘heroin baby’ advertisement as a happy, healthy youngster, the advertisement had the tag line ‘the ad we wish we could have run’.

I just thought my take was as effective and relevant to my blog.

You can see the original and other campaigns run by Barnardos here