Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Time: 1800hrs. Location: Main St., Toytown


Alastair said...

OK I'll use the bus as well. Now I think there is a bus at 07:00 in the morning that gets me to work by 08:30. If I miss that then there is no other one until 1220. Then on the way home I can catch one at about 16:30(pretty short day) and that gets in about 18:00. There is a later bus that will get me home at 19:30. So that will double my travel time. Oh and the cost is more than my car which uses one gallon of diesel for a return journey (60 miles). Oh and by the way the car gets me door to door. There are two sorts of people who use the bus from my village a) Students who can't afford a car (but get cheap Bus Travel)or who can't get a lift. b) Pensioners to get to ASDA on a Sunday when there is a free Bus trip whith their cronies.
It's pretty simple we don't buy a car with all the expense that goes with it to leave it in the garage. We don't use buses because they don't fit in with most people's life.
And finally look at the sort of people you do get on buses!

Annette said...

You do not say what time it is. Was it late at night?
A lot of people are to scared to use the buses late at night.

Noddy said...

Sorry, must remember not everyone uses the 24 hour clock! 6pm - not late.

Noddy said...

I admit it - I'm a closet tree hugger. Just call me 'Swampy.'

p.s. my bus does get me virtually door to door and certainly closer than I can park the car in the metropolis - no pun intended.

busybizzie said...

Don't get me wrong. I love my car. I just think the way travel is going is unsustainable. We should have good, reliable, affordable mass transport and a system that doesn't penalise people where that isn't available

Noddy said...


Spot on. Couldn't put it better myself and I think you get the country loon's vote as well.... eh Alastair?

Joe. P said...

I am also lucky that I can get a bus from my front door to work.

Another great feature of the bus is the fact that if I miss the last bus that will get me to work on time, I can go home, cook myself a fry up, eat it, then drive to work and still get in on time.