Sunday, February 25, 2007


Reuters report that a group of U.S. tourists, including a former Marine, killed a Costa Rican mugger by breaking his neck after he pulled a gun on them in a Caribbean port, a local police official said on Thursday.

The cruise ship passengers told police they jumped on Wagner Segura, 20, to defend themselves when he pointed a .38 calibre revolver at them near the Caribbean port of Limon on Wednesday, and somehow snapped his neck, regional police director Luis Hernandez said.

Segura died instantly and two other unidentified thieves, one of whom was armed with a knife, fled the scene, Hernandez said.
"One of the tourists was a former Marine and he was probably the one who broke (Segura's) neck," Hernandez said. "His neck was completely snapped."

No charges will be filed against the tourists because police viewed the incident as an act of self-defence.

Police questioned and released the group, which rejoined the cruise and left Costa Rica.

The Americans were passengers aboard the Carnival cruise ship Legend. They got off their tour bus to take photos in a notoriously rough neighbourhood a short drive from Limon.

After the attack, they put Segura's body on their bus and found a police officer in Limon to report the incident.

Now what would Tony McNumpty say about this?


Annette said...

My god, they would never have got away with that here, would they?
They would have been arrested and prosecuted.
But what made me smile was the way they put him on a bus!
But you should be able to defend yourself without fear of being arrested.

Noddy said...

Click here for another take on this.

PCFrankyFact said...

He picked on the wrong marine.
Semper Fi.
Shame he didn't rip his head off and p..s down his neck.
I'm off to watch an Arnie movie but I'll be back!