Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some folk are never happy

A certain Scottish Force has spent an alarming £10,000 on Tasers and then never bothered to use the things, according to local reporting.

This is clearly an utter waste of resources and I think we should just go out and zap the first toe rag we see just to keep everyone happy that we are utilising our gizmos.

On the other hand we could sell them off and just resort to jumping up and down... at least it's cheaper.


Alastair said...

I have now taken lessons in jumping up and down from my youngest when worked up in a strop and can confirm it may help in these situations.
Works bets when you put a Numpty sign round your neck and go at like stropping teenager/The attacking youth then falls down in laughter and can cannot continue his/her crime.
What we need is more great tips from this government to cut crime.
Mcnulty comments on crime at
UK a high crime country

Annette said...

It says in the report that they do carry the taser guns but have never needed to use them.
Isn't that good?

Anonymous said...

Here's a simulation of McNumpty's McJumpties

Noddy said...

I'd say so, maybe the threat is enough.

Noddy said...


Can I use your mcnumpty gif? It's brilliant.

James said...

Not Saussure (see my blogroll) has an excellent piece regarding Tony McNulty's comments, but in summary:
A loud yell of "Oi! Piss off or I'll have the law on you!" usually works.

Noddy said...

You're right James it's a good post and everyone else should read it, so go on "click here."

James said...

Much obliged. And seriously, folks, don't start something unless you're sure you can finish it. Everyone remembers the heroes, but nobody remembers the reckless twerp who got himself beaten up for not minding his own damn business.