Friday, February 09, 2007

There's snow business like ...

One or two softie sassenachs have been posting about the wee dusting of sna they've been having.

We are unfortunately used to these conditions and well prepared for it most of the time. Some types love it.

I mentioned in a previous post the question of what would happen if they got sna in the 'Smoke.' Well it looks like they PANIC, call the Police and ask, "Well, what are you going to do about it?" I'd tell them to move to sunnier climes, like Spain.

I leave my final word on this to the The Register.


PCFrankyFact said...

Arrrgghh. He's got the annoying word verification thingy.
You dinnae need it mon.
Ah kin speak jockinese and weegie.
Don't get the supergrass reference old bean. Perhaps you could enlighten one?
I was looking forward to a few choice vernacular utterances from your celtic self.
Looks like ah got all dressed fer nuthin.
Its just done me again.
I'll add you to my link chap as I feel you are a worthy scribe.

Noddy said...

Fit like loon?

Supergrass - sliding me aff to the stripey!

We spik doric roon oor pairts.

Link - aye en'a fer yoursel! drasda.

RT said...

I need a Scottish to English dictionary! ;P'''