Thursday, December 04, 2008

Jox Vox - Vol. 1

You might have noticed from my sidebar that due to the apparent demise of fellow Polis bloggers, I appear to be the only Polisperson posting from north of the border.

I feel it incumbent upon me then to keep everybody up to date with the weird and wonderful happenings, Polis related or otherwise, up in the frozen wastelands of God's own country.

Following on from what might be considered the pilot post, I have decided to post regularly on such matters and I have these following offerings for you.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | North East/N Isles | Pub-goers to be tested for drugs

Random drug testing attacked - Press & Journal

Well at least it's a better plan than this or this.

Maybe Mr Rumbles should have a peek at this before he opens his mouth and puts his foot in it.

Twining will like this snippet.

Up here in Draconia we still occasionally persecute, sorry prosecute, very wee weans. But just to level the playing field, I believe adults will now have to suffer like the little children. It's significant that once the pain is to be meted out on adults, a furore starts. I did warn you. A crafty US judge has taken this principle even further.

We have just celebrated St Andrew's Day and Gadget will be interested to note this ovine method of marking the occasion.

You can read this snippet and make your own mind up. I have. Get off your behind, quine.

A while back I bleetered on about prostitution. I think that the Polis are going to say to the Law Makers, "We told you so."

By far and away my favourite snippet recently has to be the Spiderpig debacle. Brilliant.

As regular visitors will know, I have a passion for whisky (in moderation of course) and our wonderful Chancellor and his boss, despite being Scots, seem determined to destroy the industry and dent my pocket. I have four related offerings to mull over whilst you sip (very slowly) your dram.

Outrage at tax raid on the whisky industry - Press & Journal

Excise duty increase leaves a bitter taste - Press & Journal

BBC NEWS | Scotland | 'Whisky sour' claim after Budget

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Whisky duty rise 'to be revised'

I cannot leave you without commenting on what's happening down south. The new Government inspired (tongue firmly in cheek) Police Pledges leave me awestruck and this article's heading sums it up;

Police will respond quicker to burglary victims if they are 'upset' - Telegraph

I have yet to entertain a genuine complaint of housebreaking from a cheerful householder! I'll let Jacquie Spliff know when I do.

Secondly, I note there's been a bit of a stooshie over some CCTV footage again. Don't mess with me has posted the most illuminating take on this in my view. I also direct you to a previous post on the Perils of CCTV from my good self.

Finally, Jox Vox rule.

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Stonehead said...

Hmm, the article says "the device was able to tell the difference between this type of contamination and drug use". I very much doubt that a portable device is sensitive enough to tell the difference between someone handling something contaminated by drugs and handling the drugs themselves.

A few years back, I took part in a test where a random selection of bank notes were tested for drugs. I can't remember the exact figures but a majority of £10 and £20 notes came up positive for drugs, mainly amphetamines, cocaine and cannabis. Then, those of us who'd handled the money had our hands swabbed and we also came up positive. (Of course, someone will argue that we could all have handled drugs previously!)

Anyway, if you've been in a few pubs and clubs on a Friday night, paying in cash and receiving change in cash, then I'd imagine there be quite a few contaminants on your hands. (And that, incidentally, is why I never eat the peanuts on the bar...)

Stonehead said...

And as for those Mosquitos, they're terrible. When we used to take our oldest, then a baby, into one shopping complex in England, he'd cry from when we arrived until we left. We didn't know what the problem was, until one day a security guard came over to tell us about the Mosquitos they had installed there. A quick spin around the complex with the baby in his carrier revealed that was an invisible perimeter inside which he'd cry and outside which he wouldn't. We never went back.

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