Thursday, December 04, 2008

Xmas Lichties

I dah ken aboot you, but fan the winter festival time comes aroond, een o' my favourite pastimes oan the job is tae ging roond an' see fit folk hae been pittin up on or ootside their hooses in the wiy o' Xmas decorations. Aye, Xmas I said.

It iywiz scunners me 'at the guid folk o' the sink estates seem to hae a puckle o' siller left in the bankie to spend on feel inflatables and hunnerds o' lichties emitting a carbon footprint visible fae the ISS.

I hae started a competition amongst my colleagues tae undertake a Phase B search tae find the worst excesses. There is a clear leader already wi' a 30 foot tree in a garden wi' tinsel (aye tinsel!) and a flashing star on the top,
an' lichties a' oer. Jist to ram the pint hame, the same folk hae put up mair lichties a' oer the gable end o' the hoose. I hanna had the chance tae ging roon the front tae see fit delights await me yonder.

I wis considering takkin my camera wi' me on nichts jist tae record a' the worst eens and get a snap o' the hale hoose aforementioned, but 'at wid be surveillance an' I hanna had time tae pit in the necessary forms!

Please feel free to join in the competition! Jist mind the paperwork first, min.

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uphilldowndale said...

I'll have to find a darkened room that's given me a migraine.
Good to see you're in festive cheer Noddy, thought it had been a bit QT from north of the border.

DBA Dude said...

Michty me, what a braw dance remix - lichtie show was nae bad as weel.

Noddy said...


Yon word is banned, quine! I hope I dinna hae ony epileptics reading yon post then.


I hae this mental picture o' you reelin' across the room, loon!

Stonehead said...

The "best" I've ever seen was coming up through Glasgow a couple of Christmases back. We spotted a house and garden festooned with flashing lights, obviously set to a sequence and looking very garish.

What set it apart from the others was the illuminated Santa Claus—actually an inflatable male sex doll with a cloak, hat and his bits poking out in front—and the illuminated inflatable willy that must have been about six feet tall. They were set back among illuminated trees and didn't like up often, just enough to make us go "what the..."

Don't you just love Weegee humour.

dickiebo said...

Have shamelessly borrowed your video. Will pay you tomorra!!

Hogday said...

Well Noddy, around some of the `sinkies` down this way, there'd be a long cable with crocodile clips, from the lights to the nearest street lamp to save on the meter. Presumbaly in ToyTown's sinkie all the street lights were sold on eBay long ago?

AnneDroid said...

I saw that video before - it's great. I'd have posted it myself if I knew how to post videos!

I bought a CD last week in Morrisons bargain bin - £2.99, I think - of a club music version of lots of familiar Scottish songs (Loch Lomond, Auld Lang Syne, Donald Where's Your Troosers, Flower of Scotland, etc..). A bit like this video, it's funny to hear the old faithfuls jazzed up a bit.

Noddy said...

Aye, Hogday, by the poor cooncil itsel.

Neighbour of Teh Hoors! said...

Aye Noddie, that's a fair braw set o lichties!

Since my post on my new lights, it seems that the whole neighbourhood has caught on to the £4.99 lights!