Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Spot the dog

A while back I directed readers to the Piemen Polis website to see their newest recruit.

Well it appears he hasn't gone down too well in some corners, ken, all because he's donned his bunnet.

Apparently puppies aren't allowed to be cute any more and TayPol stand accused of being ham fisted with this dog's dinner of a plug for their spanking new call centre and making a pig's ear of it.

What a load of PC poop, or as my ickle bruvver put it, "barking mad" (due apologies to a' yon feel folk - ed.)

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nightjack said...

Im thinking that from the look on the puppy's face, I would want to check that hat afore I put it on.

Fitaloon said...

And you said my choice of music was bad!

Officer Dibble said...

As an organisation we apologise for far too much,too quickly.
Mr Vine would have gained serious cred with me if he had said.'Its a postcard of a puppy in a hat,if you dont like it,recycle it...'

A comment thats 'firm but Green'.

uphilldowndale said...

I don't think my children would know how to use a phone that looked like that

blueknight said...

Are any Christians offended by the fact that someone might wear the hat in Church....

Misssy M said...

Put a puppy next to anything and I'll buy it. What's the problem? it's not as if it was a semi-clad bimbo. Although, sadly, that approach does seem to draw much attention too.