Sunday, July 27, 2008


I was watching the ever wonderful Top Gear this evening, (the last in the current series till the Autumn - boo hoo) when I heard someone swear quite profusely.

No, it wasn't Jay Kay - who was repeatedly
bleeped when he resorted to the vernacular - but the Presenter of Top Gear's German equivalent and in his native tongue.

I anticipate that there will be a hurricane of Mary Whitehoosies, that (like me) can speak a little Deutsch, spitting fire and jamming Auntie Beeb's pabx along with quite a few irate Krauts, Wops and Nips. (If you want to email the Beeb try or just join the flock and phone).

I am of the opinion that this programme proved the Germans do have a sense of humour (somewhere) by taking part.

It got me thinking though about some of the right clangers I've read this week in the news and other blogs. Anyhow here's a plug for some of my blogtastic comrades who keep the anti PC flag flying high and a few other snippets of daftness from the virtual chip wrappers of tomorrow.


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A wee Drama.

Like the man said, "Arschloch!"

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dickiebo said...

"Fear not. Everything will turn out right in the end." Hans Christian Anderson.2008.

Noddy said...

Didn't he write Fairy tales? I'd feel just as comforted by a quote from the Brothers Grimm!

Annette said...

That first one made me laugh,with the police giving the sex offender a lift.
It reminded of years ago when Eamon Andrews was doing 'This is your life'
I can't remember who was on it but I do remember it was reported in the papers the next day that one of the guests was wanted by the police.
The problem was the police could not find him not find him, but Eamon Andrews did!