Thursday, July 31, 2008

Running Up That Hill

Well more like walking really, but I am indebted to DBA Dude for reminding me of Kate Bush's 50th birthday yesterday. I am ages with her and her music was part of my youth.

This event gives me a chance to plug one of my favourite bands as they cover Kate's best song and also lets all you myriad readers know that I will be off gallivanting about in the Highlands for the next week or so.

So, no Toy Town™ treats for a while. Can you survive?

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AnneDroid said...

Have a good galavant. Hope the weather's good and the midges absent.
I liked Kate Bush too, though my brother rather spoiled it at the time by doing ridiculous impressions of her - I must ask him if he can still do them.

RT said...

Why run up that hill when you can run to the hills!?????


uphilldowndale said...

Have a fantastic holidays.
I was (and still am) Kate Bush fan and have alway regretted that I never saw her perform live.
Only last night one of our friends was lamenting the fact that his wife had 'disposed' of his KB poster, because it 'had a hole it' we thought it best not to peruse the topic any further! I shall be able to throw the 50th birthday nugget of info in to the conversation tonight :)

Whichendbites said...

So you get leave...........and a full wack of pay increase as well ?

Area Trace No Search said...

Struggling to survive without toy town updates, but sure we can manage.