Friday, July 25, 2008


The hardships.

The poor wee mites.

Nae mair Grand Theft Auto for the incarcerated.

Anyone heard of books? (colouring or otherwise!)

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Big Fella in Blue said...

Ive posted on this aswell mate. These prisoners should be working and paying back what they owe the country for all their crimes not sitting feet up playing computer games.
Shouldnt they be re treading tyres, painting over graffitti, picking up dogshit, making plimsoles etc etc etc

RT said...

Is it me or has being sent to prison become a bit like being sent to your room by your parents? Oh wait, parents take the luxuries of television and such out of the room to make it punishment.

I'm all for teaching skills that might help a criminal change his/her ways, but I don't think a video game that fuels their criminal behavior is what the doctor ordered.