Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No nuts to play with

There is much in the news today, but surely this report should take the front page.

Modern day weans probably don't get to partake in this ancient sport any more due to the H&S crowd or some PC nonsense about banning armed combat at skools, but I remember well all the tricks of the trade, like soaking my nuts in vinegar to get that extra edge.

I'm glad to see some skools are still at it - so to speak.

Caution - there are pictures of kids at the last link, but their identities have been obscured. That's nice.

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uphilldowndale said...

Hoilday's? more like ADHD,or have you had a touch of the sun? I'm getting an RSI clicking on all the links,
Have you thought of going on a barge holiday?

Noddy said...


Sun - please explain.

ADHD - easy excuse trotted out by too many and I've hardly ever been described as hyperactive.

Barge holidays? What flat land and stinky canals. Give me the hills - I can be a fool there much more happily. Actually I do fancy a trip along the Canal du Midi though.

uphilldowndale said...

The Caledonian Canal has appeal