Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stationary Traveller

Certain HMG Ministers do not like being cheek by Jowell with the prols.

What is it about champagne socialists that they want us all to live in harmony just as long as certain things are NIMBY?

Mind you, even poor old Basil Brush can make a faux pas when it comes to our Romany friends.

It's just as well then that my mob stick clear of such evil racists.


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RT said...

I thought gypsy music was THIS.

I kept watching the pan-flute guy thinking, "The guitar sounds Scorpions-ish, but the pan flute just messes with my head."

When I was a youngin' I volunteered at a hospital. I was at the front desk handing out passes and answering the phone. One night I walked in and there were gypsies camped out in the lobby, had been for a few days: the "King" had a heart attack and there they sat.

Noddy said...

Far be it for me to bundle that lot together and think I'd come away without a summons to the diversity monitor.

As to the pan-piper - go back another decade to the 70's - the track is by Camel and is named as per the post title. Andy Latimer was an accomplished flautist as well as a mean guitarist. Go youtube them.