Thursday, April 03, 2008

Assaulting the Polis

Just a quickie before bedtime.

Watch it before the Beeb remove it from their playlist.

Thanks to Plastic Fuzz for the linky. See, PCSOs can be useful!

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TWINING said...

Hope you are well...

Noddy said...

On my holidays, so should be safe!

Whichendbites said...

I have seen this and was going to put it up, as they say, but I saw thay you and plastic got there first.

This is absolutely terrible and will have no effect at all on those who should be making that little bit of a difference.

Money well earned boys and girls north of the line.

Perhaps someone might have a series of meetings to discuss this. That will somehow make it all seem better...........

Area Trace No Search said...

Bloody hell, just watched that video and wish I could show it to the people who think we're exaggerating.

Finally got round to adding you on my Bloglist Guvnor, sorry for the delay.

Is that clip hosted anywhere permanently?

Noddy said...


Worried me too that the crims know we aren't being 'protected.'

The Beeb have drm on the clip and as yet I've not found anyone who has unlocked iplayer vids.

It will happen or someone will try reverse engineering via videotaping and then rerecording digitally, not that I'm suggesting that anyone should!