Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pondering, Police and Pandas

I'm in plagiarist mode tonight, so I thought I'd bring your attention to this soon to be top seller at Waterstones et al. Thanks to Dickiebo for bringing it to my attention.

Oh, and the photo - that's from a member of the public across the pond.

There is a tenuous link between the Polis and Pandas.

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RT said...

Thanks for the linky! :)

Isn't that panda picture the cutest? I found it at least a month ago and saved it for a rainy day.

The picture of the firefighter and the doggie was too precious.

Just a question based on an uneducated observation: Has crime (both sides of the pond) risen since the demise of the beat patrol?

dickiebo said...

As BlueKnight said on my blog, it does seem a take-off of the Terry Wogan 'Janet & John' series. I thought that most cops, with their sense of humour, will appreciate it!

uphilldowndale said...

Three posts at once 'tis so exciting!!

Noddy said...


Depends how you massage the stats!

Personally I miss the odd foot patrol mixed up with my usual daily fare of flee'in aboot in my panda.


Who is Terry Wogan?


I'm on my holidays - expect more!