Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lost in Translation - innit?


Jist every so aften I scribble doon a few lines in the Doric. 'At' s fit Toytooners spik, min.

It seems some folk cannae get a grip o' fit a' these new folk fae the continent are yappin on aboot.

Well, it seems that even the natives fae the southside of the Smoke cannae get themselves understood either.

© Noddy

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Anonymous said...

" cab, innit"

Funniest thing I have heard in ages. Thank you

RT said...


That's hilarious!

I had a scene from Eastenders playing in my mind when I read that one. "Oy, 'ow much for the veg?" Now mix that with the young lady's use of slang and it is a wonder people live productive lives.

The Ali G reference was funny, too.

Hmm...think the Vic is open right now?

AnneDroid said...

cab innit. hahahahaha. Like it.