Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Poor weans

Kids are top billing in the news of late. First off there is the completely loopy suggestion from Lord Goldsmith, which will go down really well in Nationalist sectors of the UK. Some folk see it as a good idea. I'm not convinced. Perhaps the kids in Glasgow could all assemble at Celtic Park to take their oath!

Then there's the poor kids being stressed out by homework. Self-discipline anyone?

And finally, I hear the CPS in England & Wales are admitting their failures. Perhaps they should get hold of this whizzkid.

But rest assured me and my mates have already sworn our allegiance to Queen Elizabeth and here's the proof...

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uphilldowndale said...

It's the parents that want the home work scrapped, to much pressure on us. Cracking photo Noddy, it must have been a proud day.

Noddy said...

Why thank you, I think it got my best side.

Liz told me she was fair chuffed to meet me.

uphilldowndale said...

I thought you might have worn the kilt though, that would have looked splendid.