Thursday, March 06, 2008

Every little helps

It has finally been proved that H.M. Government's slavish (sic) devotion to, and compilation of, statistics is rubbish and to whom do local councils turn for help "because Government figures are too unreliable?"


Does that mean they'll be russian to the czech outs then? This Asda be a Lidl bit of a joke. Is this a Safeway to do business?

Sometimes I think the grip on reality at Westminster is poles apart from what you and I can see with our own eyes. It just confirms to me that they are a bunch of neeps (or swedes to my southern cousins).

Stats have always been double dutch and greek to me anyway.

Now, I eagerly await the SMT to try something new today and get their monthly targets from Sainsburys.

It's OK, I've finnished ranting.

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Officer Dibble said...

Stats wise I think we should be more Co-operative.

Noddy said...

Darn it I missed that one. Top Marks.