Thursday, March 06, 2008

Blue Toon

This will have to take a wee bit of explaining to non-locals.

Up in these pairts, Peterhead is kent as the Blue Toon. Abidy kens 'at. Noo, it appears 'at the lassies are being telt tae advertise their non-availability (aye right!) for a lumber by wearing the toon's colours.

This article disnae tell us fit the loons are meant to wear and fit wiy they're nae at risk too. The local cooncillor said the licensing board, far were investigating the collieshangie, should "lighten up." I agree. If you've seen the quines fae up yonder I wid recommend wearing bricht red wi' flashing lichties, min.

Personally, I'd say een aff the wrist wid be safer!

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Fitaloon said...

If I remember rightly the lassies starting at the "big skool" in Peterhead get a free pram for their weans.