Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sex and Games for the Aged

Not having quite reached the landmark half century myself and membership of SAGA, I have this warning for the likes of Dickiebo and the Asda Annihilator.

Once upon a time there were lager louts, now it seems there's Saga Louts.

Brits abroad, you gotta luv 'em.

© Noddy

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RT said...

Would my status as a descendant of Brits account for my propensity to give the finger (without a second thought)?

Officer Dibble said...

Are these old rascals giving the finger to the world or are they saying to each other ...'I thought you were packing the Arthritis tablets'

I shouldn't mock as my joints are getting very tetchy these days.

dickiebo said...

Well, well! Despite all MacNod's colours, I never before knew that you have green eyes, matey!
We know how to live!!

TWINING said...

Nick em I say, nick em, issue them with two PND's.

Noddy said...


Actually, genuinely, truthfully, honestly I do really have green eyes.

I want to know how you knew.

I'm less than a year away from my coach tour years!

When do I need to buy the incontinence pants?

Annette said...

Oh noddy, you've guessed our secret.
Well, I never.

I agree with Dickiebo, I think you are jealous as well.

Just wait till you get to our age!!