Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CC Michael Todd

I was trawling through various websites and came up with this sad news. I was thinking to myself, why would a man of his standing think to climb mountains when the UK is being knowingly battered by storms?

Then news reports expanded a little and we find out this may have been more calculated than I first thought. I don't know the full facts or the pressures upon this man, but it is still a tragedy for all concerned.

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uphilldowndale said...

We watched extensive coverage on the regional news, they had footage of him at home, getting ready for work, the person behind the professional, very sad.

Anonymous said...



Noddy said...


You are as bad as Al Fayed with your conspiracy theories!

Annette said...

Yes UHD, sad and very tragic.
I'm so sorry.

TWINING said...

Noddy, where have you been? This is a sad loss.

Noddy said...


Would that be both aspects being a loss?

I'm back. Been busy - see post.

TWINING said...

Both are a loss.