Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Crackers

First off congratulations must go to Toy Town FC for their exceptional result last night in the UEFA cup. The Dandies have now drawn a cracker against Bayern Muenchen.

Regular readers know I'm really a fan of the Blues, but I was there at Pittodrie in 1983 when the Dons, en route to winning the European Cup Winners Cup, embarrassed the German Meisters. Wonder if I will be working on Valentine's Day?

Secondly, I'm about to delve into the myriad of mumbo jumbo and mystification over the Xmas celebrations.

Many have posted over the place of a Christian celebration in our diverse and multi-cultural society. Let's get one thing straight. Xmas has little to do with Christ and let's stop pretending otherwise. In other words, why do we insist on the use of His name in the moniker for what is essentially a pagan winter holiday aggravated by the pavlovian devotion to greed and excess typified by modern secular society.

In my brave new world we would continue to recognise the birth of Christ by maintaining the education and interaction children get at skool with nativity shows and the like, but we would weigh this against the need to celebrate Easter as the truly significant time for Christians.

I could ask you to consider the devout and essentially pure stance taken by some of our local Presbyterians at this time. Surprised? Personally, I prefer this tale. It about sums up my view perfectly. So go on enjoy the festivities! Only spare some time and contemplation for your Maker. If you don't, this could happen to your weans.

Meanwhile, at your local Primary Skool, it's just as well the new security system doesn't listen in as well as talk to the kidz.

Did I mention I was now on my Yuletide / Festive / Seasonal / Winter Holiday (a.k.a. Annual Leave) till the third day of next year and that I have got my SPP and full 2.5%?

I'm off to drink mucho whisky and beer
. Will think of you as I do.

Finally, does anyone know how much a Wii weighs?

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RT said...

As an adult, I've found that Easter is most important to me, especially from a religious point of view. Obviously, without the birth, we would not have the resurrection, but the resurrection is the most important part of Christ's life.

I'm enjoying my time off, too. I don't have to be back to school until the 2nd of January. Nice feeling, isn't it?

Little Wing said...

Hi Noddy, I came here from Dickiebo blog!!!!!!!
I live in California, U.S.A.!

DBA Dude said...

Very interesting and thought provoking post Noddy.

Remember watching highlights of the '83 final in a bar in Thailand, and getting very drunk celebrating the win - happy days.

Noddy said...


The 2nd is a public holiday here in Jockland. It has absolutely no connection with the fact that Scots need two days to recover from Hogmanay (aka known by Annette's wonderful malapropism as Mahogany).

You are bang on with the significant dates.

Little Wing,

That makes two commenters in a row from the Colonies then. One east coast, one west. I have seen your comments over at the old man's blog and peeked at yours. Welcome! I will link you. Feel free to do likewise, it's Xmas you know.

DBA - aye great days. I was almost sober when John Hewitt scored. Cheap beer at the Civil Service Club in Toy Town to blame.

uphilldowndale said...

Noddy, it's not that the Scots need two days to recover, they just need two days to do Hogmanay properly and that is a very different thing.

All the best to you and your clan

Noddy said...


You are absolutely right of course. As it happens we go to the same friend's house every New Years Day afternoon for a party and usually feel worse for wear on the 2nd.

Wishing you ALL the best for Xmas.


RT said...

I'm jealous.

Excessive Use said...

Interestingly, people that use "xmas" because they don't like the fact that Christ is in the name are actually not accomplishing much, since the X originally was just an abbreviation for the Greek word for Christ.