Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Xmas Message

This year, as every year, the country's Police Officers patiently, nay excitably, await the Home Secretary's seasonal message and veritable morale booster.

Only this year the reception may be as cold as the weather and one or two might receive the missive with the attention and respect shown in the photo attached.

Meanwhile, my good friend Noddy has also read the letter from Ms Spliff to Alistair Dearest and is a tad scunnered on behalf of his friends down south and not exactly full of seasonal goodwill towards double-dealing politicians exhibiting crass double standards.

On a positive note, Mr Plod reports that he has the entire Festive Season off on leave and he WILL be in receipt of the massive pay rise!

So from Toy Town™ at least it's
Nollaig Cridheal 's Bliadhna Mhath ùr to you and yours.

Keep safe.

© Mr Plod
Published by Toy Town™ Times

1 comment:

DBA Dude said...

Seasons Greetings to you and yours Noddy.

I am sure that you will miss (NOT) having to deal with all the rampaging drunken hordes.