Thursday, December 27, 2007

In Memoriam

I woke to ponder the fact that, were they alive, my parents would have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary today.

I recall well that my ickle bruvver and I would always make a fuss of the folks on their day. It was a splendid way to say thank you for all the many things they did for us and of course the presents we had received just two days previous. It helped to make for an extended Xmas period and a true family time. I miss them both, but especially today, when the memories flood back.

It was with great sadness then that I read of the untimely death of PC Chris Roberts, who didn't even get to see his own 50th. It reminds me of our own mortality and that we really do not know what is around the corner in our jobs and life in general. My parent's deaths were far too early, but nothing to compare with what has befallen Chris's three kids. My prayers tonight are with them and his kith and kin. Oh, and with Mum & Dad too.

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RT said...

How sad.

Any way an officer passes while in service is sad. My prayers go out for his family.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my grandmother's death. It is very hard when the heads of our families leave us. My prayers go out to you, too. :)

uphilldowndale said...

Life, It's all so very fragile

totallyun-pc said...

My Mums been here all over Xmas. Its the best time to remember our losses. since my dad died, we never miss an xmas. thats the way it is.

Have a safe New Year Nodster.... (ps... Have you seen the top of the table?)

Noddy said...

Thanks everybody.


Things are so bad I might even get a game and that's before the African Nations malarky starts.

It's a bit early to concede, but if I was a betting man I would have my money on United.

Still hope springs eternal. Put it this way I never thought I'd see Chelsea win the league, far less twice in a row.

Now all I want is for Scotland to win the World Cup!

Noddy said...

Well TUPC, how does it feel to be Hammered again?

totallyun-pc said...

You know what? you were the first thing I thought of when that second header went in... Ha Ha... Its still a marathon, not a sprint!

Annette said...

Happy new year, Noddy

RT said...

Happy New Year!!!!!