Thursday, December 06, 2007

Divide and Rule

Just a few days ago I welcomed you all to our wee nation.

Well I have the feeling a few of my colleagues down south might just be thinking of coming up to these pairts permanently!

Strictly speaking I'm prohibited from espousing any Political views, but there's nothing wrong with making a political observation based on factual events, so here I go.

Since the leak in The Telegraph regarding Ms Spliff's reneging on the PAT decision, there has been some indignation amongst the rank and file south of the border. Cannot blame you guys to be honest.

Meanwhile the SNP, in the form of Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill, have honoured (and I use that word with just regard and respect for this Politician's decision) the agreement in Scotland.

Ms Spliff must be a tad miffed the Scottish Executive did not just roll over and agree to the UK Government position as hoped for in her letter to the scots Chancellor.

The SNP, however, must have been rubbing their hands with glee this morning when they had the opportunity to a) stick one right up Labour north of the border and 2) shove another wedge in the cracks in the Union and in their drive for Independence by highlighting the differences north and south of the border.

Personally, I'm glad OUR government had the decency to accept the 'award', pitiful though some might have regarded it in the first place.

For those down south, I wish you well with the double-dealers at the Home Office. Other public servants beware! OK that is political, but have you read that letter?

Finally, let's just compare notes.

Kenny MacAskill: "It's for the UK Government to settle with their police officers and the Scottish Government to settle with our police officers. All I'm saying is that we believe when you enter into an arbitration scheme, if it comes out with something then unless there's good reason you should implement it."

Joe Grant - Scottish Police Federation: "What it has done is restore a bit of trust and faith in the negotiating process here in Scotland that doesn't exist elsewhere in the UK."

Jacqui Spliff: "I am accepting their (PAT) recommendation for a 2.5% increase to the pay of police officers. However, I also have a responsibility to ensure pay settlements are affordable and consistent with government pay policy, including the maintenance of low inflation. I have therefore decided that the award should be implemented on 1 December, rather than 1 September."

Jan Berry - Police Federation (England & Wales): "This is contemptuous behaviour by the Home Secretary and has rightly angered the 140,000 police officers in England and Wales who have been waiting patiently for their pay award since 1 September. Police officers should either have full industrial rights or independent binding arbitration - currently we have neither."

Notice the difference?

2.5% may not be as much as we would have liked, but at least we can enter arbitration next year knowing it is morally binding north of the border..... or should that be north of the DIVIDE!

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Annette said...

All pay is disappointing. I know when I have received such a low percentage that resulted us in getting only 10p an hour more.
It's infuriating when you see how much profit they make.
I know your pay is different, but even so, I don't really understand why she hasn;t back dated it to september, like she should do.

There was a time when we were paid a lot more than the minimum wage but our pay rises were so low,we went down to the minimum wage!
work that one out!!!

It's disgusting, everyone is worth more than they are being paid.