Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's good to talk

It never ceases to amaze me how those in the various arms of the agencies that wish to interact with today's yoof think that they r so like kewl lol when they come up with some new fangled idea to reach out to our disaffected kidz. CWOT IMHO.

I mean what is wrong with just taking the time to bleedin' talk to them!

I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog .... damn! Done that.

I could try MySpacebook or whatever it's called, but apparently there are dangers.

Well failing that you could just Meebo me - see the Sidebar - I'm like well up on all that teenspk u no.

S'l8r homies.

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Gazza said...

Shouldn't it be that BP is learning from you, not the other way round?

Noddy said...


I'll never get used to using my thumz to txt like them bairns. More like all fingers and thumbs for papa.


Twining said...

Noddy, hello, Gaz hello, someone will get more bird shit on their shoulders for this idea. The key is the PBO, not texts, dufus! Noddy have a look at my blog re: Texaco, you may be aware of the Burmah situation.

Noddy said...

Pee Pee,

PDRs rool ok! & re Burma, yep, got the info from as I'm on their mailing list.

p.s. Is the spelling of Burmah a convoluted witticism?

Twining said...


convoluted, no way, I don't even no how to spell that my dear boy. Tea? Erm, it's more a case of bad spelling Indian style I am afraid. I've stopped buying at Texaco.

Twining, (Peepee).