Saturday, November 24, 2007

Without a leg to stand on

Sorry about the pun, but that's what the brave guys were left with after this HATE crime.

Punishment for the besom in question? Deep end, rope, lead weights anyone?

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Annette said...

l'm livid.
I could call that woman one four letter word, but not on your blog.

Big Fella in Blue said...

She deserves a slap and to be dropped off on the front line see if she thinks they derserve a lane in a swimming pool.
Close the pool completely for our injured soldiers they deserve a hell of a lot more than they are currently getting.

Officer Dibble said...

I read that story and could not believe the comments and attitude.

'Besom' is far far far too polite.

uphilldowndale said...

I hope other members of this women's community, give this women the same treatment has she handed out

dickiebo said...

It's all about accountability, like I say. She should be Named & Shamed. No bloody wonder our lads wonder whether we are behind them. Poor sods.