Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Old Bill

I tried the quiz and guess what?

I scored as a William Wallace.

I didn't swick either.

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Gazza said...

Apparently I am Penfold, Dangermouse's trusty sidekick.....

Twining said...

Hmm, he wears a kilt dear boy!

Annette said...

sorry, what quiz??
I couldn't find it.
Yes , I know, typical!!!
Love the new snowy noddy pic.

Officer Dibble said...

I ended up with William Wallace as well.
I mean, if I was trying for a Mel Gibson hero I'd hope for Rocky out of the Chicken Run.

uphilldowndale said...

Oh look I am Indiana Jones!!
I wanted to be Mary Poppins.

I used to live round the corner from the Wallace monument in Bridge of Allen, ahh happy days.

Noddy said...


That would be the Raploch then!


uphilldowndale said...

There were some places to 'let' just of Drip road, but the accommodation was a bit claustrophobic.
We had students and a lot of English football players for neighbours instead!

Noddy said...


Aye right!

You're not fooling me!

The Mrs is a graduate of the UofS by the way. I had the pleasure of a week's billeting there during G8 and I suppose there are some 'posh' parts ! This will be lost on other readers!