Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home Internationals anyone?

Sorry folks down south, but it has to be said. That was poor.

At least we Scots can be proud of our team's efforts, but I'm not sure the same can be said about McClaren's mob over both the group fixtures and tonight's game.

I think someone is in line to receive his P45. Perhaps he'd be best to take Whichendbites' advice.

Meanwhile, up here in Jockland, there is a suggestion we should resurrect the Home Internationals, what with our footballers being unemployed this summer.

Given the state of the pitch at Wembley, do you want our lot to remove the turf for you?

Mind you, I think you'd maybe be better doing it yourself and digging a bit deeper for an excuse for the poor performance!

Click for update.

It appears that the idea is now doomed.

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Fitaloon said...

“Without doubt, the defining image of McClaren’s short reign. With their backs against the wall, England need blood, sweat and tears, and yet McClaren stood there helpless, umbrella aloft, not even prepared to get his hair wet! What would Churchill say?”
From BBC web site , text from Watson in Aberdeen.
Good idea for the Home internationals next year.

Fitaloon said...

Never mind they’ve found the “junior” official from HMCR, he was found at Wembley playing in goal for England. Claimed he had got lost in the post.

Noddy said...

Last one - brilliant, just briliant!

Noddy said...

I liked the Beeb's commentator's reference to "more Frank Carson than Scott Carson" too.

Fitaloon said...

Yep I expect we'll be hearing a few more in the next couple of days.

What's the difference between Lewis Hamilton and the England Football Team?

Lewis will still have a Maclaren in the morning.

Fitaloon said...

According to the Daily Mash Scotland Dies Laughing

Noddy said...

So good a link I've edited my post to include it - hat tip loon!

DBA Dude said...

You almost have to feel sorry for the English fans, paying good money and sitting in the rain to watch that "bag o' shite" performance (or lack of it).

At least our lads and fans did us all proud.

Whichendbites said...

Doesn't take long for them to come in.

I've heard that the England shirt badge is to changed, 3 tampons are to replace the 3 lions as this one of the worst periods English football has seen.

What do Michael Jackson and the England keeper have in common ?

Both wear gloves for no obvious reason.

Big Fella in Blue said...

It hurt to watch such a barrel o bollocks. They get paid 5times what i get in a year in just a week and all they have to do is play footie.

Croatia 3 - England/McLaren P45

Noddy said...

I feel your pain!