Friday, May 01, 2009

What a May Day

Be it Facebook, Twitter or the meeja, abidy is bleetering on aboot and fair chuffed 'at they're ha'en a lang weekend aff. Not for me and yon yins in the Emergency Services.

Enjoy, but be nice, please!

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Constable said...


start again tomorrow at 7 am. Can't wait! Roll on 3 pm Tuesday.

Fit like loon?


Vetnurse said...

Good to hear that others are also enjoying their non weekend Noddy l am like you working :-(

Hogday said...

What ever happened to the nice Bank Holiday or the quiet Sunday? These died the death years ago when shops started to trade 7 days a week. Funny thing, but the Oldus Billious Commandus Senilus didn't seem to catch on that Sundays and Bank Holidays were fast becoming the busiest times and consistenty left us on minimal coverage. Have a nicer one Noddy. I'm working Monday, too, but these days, thankfully, I only tend to be amongst nice folk.

Noddy said...

I think I drew the short straw - nights all weekend, but hey I get Monday off, by which time it's really all over bar the caterwauling.

Thanks for the kind thoughts and have a not busy one.

Fitaloon said...

Tis Ok I'll still be in making sure you get your oil on Monday.