Thursday, May 14, 2009

Facebook is racist

Vaguely nationalistic Scottish users of Facebook have long been annoyed that there is no location option for Scottish towns and cities to be identified as in Scotland rather than the United Kingdom.

Unionists will have been OK with that, but Facebook have caused a right stooshie in God's own country as now any Scottish (and I'm led to believe Welsh) city or town is now listed as being in England.

Our American cousins often mistakenly call Great Britain, England, so it is to be expected.......

......... or has Gordon Broon (far are ye fae loon?) sold us off to the south to pay for Westminster's bathplugs and swimming pool repairs?

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Kimpatsu said...

This is nothing new. It's a universal failing. For example, in 1996, when the Rosslyn Insittute in Edinburgh cloned the first mammal (Dolly the sheep), NHK (the Japanese equivalent of the BBC) made a documentary on the science, and the narrator blew it in the opening sentence, by saying (against a scenic backdrop of Edinburgh in the distance), "Scotland, in the north of England..."