Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Anyone spot this on a front page?

Cop mowed down by balaclava wearing Scooby driver. Yawn.


Get well soon David.

H/T to the Pink Quine for spotting it in the depths of rural news from south of the border, but on a lighter note she found a cracker from our colleagues in Denmark which surpasses even the flip flops farce.

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Bullseye said...

Cop mowed down, or cop killed - NOT NEWSWORTHY.

Cop beats protester, goes thru red light, parks on double yellow or looks at someone in a funny manner - NEWSWORTHY.

Typical silly season left wing agenda police reporting.

dickiebo said...

Not in the papers, but it was (is) on Police Oracle this am.

RandomPinkness said...

you're welcome! You've gotta love the Danes, and I'd totally forgotten about the flip-flop thing until now!

Fitaloon said...

No but why would you hear a about "minor "incidents. Cats being decapitated is what the public love. You may like this though.

Hogday said...

This morning at 10am I was stunned when I saw a live Sky TV News bulletin bannered as "Breaking News" that the head of the speed enforcement camera partnership was convicted of speeding at 100mph in a 70 limit. Yeah, right, I was stunned and yet somehow grateful that this was elevated to Breaking News status. I can now sleep contended that I heard it first on Sky - Breaking Wind status morelike.

RandomPinkness said...

Well *some* credit to the BBC, they ran it & twittered it, which they don't do with everything. Didn't watch the local news that night so I didn't see if they or the national news ran it.