Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shake ups

Apparently, I was looking a little dated and I have been revamped for the digital age. I was particularly pleased to hear that "Noddy will also have some new vehicles at his disposal - including a helicopter and a monster truck - to help him get around Toy Town."

The Torygraph goes further and tells me that I will "
get to have a few adventures down by the harbour." Anyone who lives in Toy Town™ will know that ain't exactly somewhere I should be adventuring. I'm apparently in line for a submarine too. I know it is alleged to be damp round these parts, but that is taking the p....

Meanwhile, Mr Plod drew this latest result of HMG brainstorming to my attention. He told me a little wee came out when he read it (it's an age thing), especially when he heard Liberty were endorsing it. He also suspects there may well be a little public disappointment at the sentencing.

© Noddy
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Officer Dibble said...

I suppose my restorative justice idea of putting up a big bill board stating 'herein lives a thieving sh...' will have to be put on hold for a while.

Dad To Be said...

Noddy, you stay away from that harbour, no good at all will come of your being found there, of that I am sure. The EE would have a field day!

Hogday said...

Whatever next? Tessie Bear in a lap dancing club??

Noddy said...


Times are hard, you never know!


Fact and fiction sometimes are closer than you think. Got called back for a shift lately in the GED and reacquainted myself with the ladies - so to speak! Had to also iron a shirt.

Gazza said...

Hallo Old Bean.
I'm back