Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Come over here and say that!

Not content with moving Scotland into England, the Yanks are now desecrating our national dress (sic).

Hat Tip to Frank Chalk.

Some Yanks are on the ball, so to speak!

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uphilldowndale said...

We had a customer who always wore a kilt of a purple hue; he teamed it with a Pringle cashmere sweater in a delicate shade of violet, it would have been a foolish person that were to accuse him of cross dressing; he was built like a brick outhouse.

RT said...

My relatives fought in the Black Watch in WWI and WWII...they were known to wear kilts.

My uncle walked my cousin down the aisle for her wedding while he wore a kilt. If I ever get married, so will my father.

Eh....dare anyone to say they'd be in drag. :)

Thanks for the link.

Noddy said...


Spooky how we independently picked the same photo of Edinburgh's most famous milkman!

As you know from Flickr I can occasionally be seen in drag!

Annette said...

Noddy, I would like to nominate you for an award.
Please see my blog