Monday, August 11, 2008

Semper Vigilo

A virtual postcard fer yiv a', fan I'm gallivanting aboot Scotland, wishing you a' yi wish yersel.

I'm blogging fae deepest Toy Land at my ickle bruvver's hoose jist noo, but I hae bin oot and aboot in Perthshire, Ross-shire and Sutherland. You can see some photos here.

n.b. There's a special wee fotie fer AnneDroid en a'.

© Noddy
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RT said...

Those are very beautiful pictures. I especially liked the Black Bridge photos. :) Thanks for sharing them.

uphilldowndale said...

Looks like you are having a good time. I've been craving beaches as empty as those, it seems the sand is always sandier on the other side of the coast, *sigh*.

AnneDroid said...

F.A.B. photos, Noddy. Magnificent scenery.

I like that area too. I once worked for a couple of months in Rogart, Sutherland, and did 2000 additional miles sightseeing north and west from there while I was there.

Like the Tesco one - they do indeed get everywhere. We have three in Perth.