Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've got the donut stall franchise

Later today the largest congregation of Police Officers since G8 2005* will assemble in the Smoke.

If the sight of that many Polis in one place doesn't cause immediate shock to all and sundry, then nothing else will.

I can hear the locals at Westminster saying, "When you want a Policeman you can't get one and when you don't, look what happens."

I know there will be support from some of our loons and quines despite our wee success in being granted the full arbitrated amount. Me, I'm working, but I wish all on the march well and hopefully Ms Spliff will come to her senses and allow the regulars in England, Wales and Northern Ireland what is morally and rightfully theirs. It amazes me that she has 'allowed' PCSO's and support staff the full 'whack', although greetin' about it. Oh, hang on, they have a Union.

Watch this space though!

Oh aye, check the Scottish buses for 'carry oots' before you let them out on the streets of London please - we wouldn't want a richt clamjamfry of Polis next to yon ither clamjamfry of jokers at the Home Office. Ca Cannie folk.

* -
Were you there? I was.

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Annette said...

Saw it on the news.
look how many turned up. Well done everyone.

DBA Dude said...

Just hope that it has some effect on Ms Spliff - if she is not busy down the kebab shop.

G8 2005? Was that voluntary or were you stitched up by your "superiors"?

Noddy said...


There's never anyone superior to me! However, I was 'volunteered' again. I think they said I was 'specially selected.' Actually I had a week's holiday at the Government's expense, because patrolling Auchterarder High Street all week with about 100 other Polis wasn't exactly taxing and the locals were friendly for a change! Oh yeah and I got a tan as well! I have the photos, but......