Friday, January 25, 2008


It's January 25th and all around the land and amongst the diaspora (with the exception of the USA), Scots will be dissecting haggis, mashing neeps and boiling tatties. The whisky will be brought out of the cupboards and folk will be blethering on about sonsy faces and wee timorous beasties.

We will be having a traditional Burns Supper at hame with some friends. Any excuse for some uisge beatha!

Meanwhile at Follyrood our MSP's find life on the front line in the canteen dangerous and suffer another type of burns. Apt name for the victim though and glad to see she's back in the pink.

Whilst she ladled a heep of misery on herself, look what this clown is up to from the Labour Party. It would be best to be properly clued up on your football before you postulate on riots in Gretna. I could spoon feed him - Gretna play their home matches at Fir Park in Motherwell.

Which neatly takes me back to the beginning of this post.


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