Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Organ Grinder

Since being back at work this year I have successfully managed to avoid Response Policing by being seconded to other duties. I've even managed to work dayshifts in my 'flute'.

Good one you might think.

Well sort of, but all it means is that those enquiries I aimed to to get done in between attending the humdrum calls of each and every day don't get done and the files just get mouldier and mouldier.

So it was with a mixture of relief and dread that I ended my secondment and went home for a couple of days off.

The relief didn't last long. Cue telephone call at home. "Noddy, we've put you down for custody officer duties this week," says the resource clerkess.

Oh well dear public, looks like your crimes will just have to wait even longer to be solved. Me, I've just about forgotten what most of them were about myself. Perhaps I should get an assistant with better memory skills.

p.s. I have avoided any direct reference to apes of a particular variety.

p.p.s. Note to self.... You really should stop being volunteered for all these gimmicks.

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DBA Dude said...

Read and blogged about the chimps last month but did not catch the Channel 4 clip so thanks for that.

At this rate by the time you get back on the streets you will have forgotten all of your front line skills.

Inspector Gadget said...

Be careful - once they get you in custody you might not escape. Have you finished your duties in there? The public have a right to know!

Noddy said...

Dear citizens of Toy Town I can proudly advise I have 'escaped' and am now back at your beck and call.

That do Boss?