Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The burning question today is.....

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A final gesture?

There's more advice on reducing your carbon footprint here!

Cryptic, moi?

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RT said...

What is it that everyone is smoking but me? From what depths do these loons emerge?


Mousie said...

Call me a loon (it wouldn't be the first time) but I think it's a great idea!

I'm adamant I'll be buried / cremated (whichever is cheapest and most eco-friendly) in a cardboard coffin. No flowers - just donations to charidee. No pomp & ceremony - just a piss up at home. No big memorial - just a walk on an empty beach to remember me...

If it reduces the heating cost and the carbon footprint at the same time, so much the better. Why would I give a toss? I'll be dead.

Noddy said...


Up in these pairts a loon is something altogether different!


You should have a look at this then.

uphilldowndale said...

I waited respectful as a funeral cortège cut across my bow at a junction yesterday, the coffin was a lovely wicker one, that I'll do me I thought, my family know that on NO account must I have a coffin with ghastly mock brass handles, they have been warned. I would wish for some flowers, a bunch of buttercups would be in order
As for heating the chapel, just the job, sort of a final warm hug.

Must go and plant some willow, and take up basket weaving, have you seen the price of willow coffins.

Excessive Use said...

Despite my best efforts to decipher this post, I find myself at a loss.

Noddy said...


Perhaps there's a little lost in translation across the pond. My Scots 'humour', particularly in relation to death and its trappings, can be a little dark (and cryptic - sic). Partly, this is due to the protective mechanism we Polis have to adopt to deal with it in all its varied forms, breaking the news to relatives and the grieving that naturally ensues, but also as has been said, there is nothing surer in life than death. What struck me with this particular scenario was 1)How can YOU personally heat your mourners unless the furnace is switched on well in advance of YOUR funeral and 2)it is symptomatic of today's litiginous society that the Crem had to publically announce they were going to take such action, just in case someone objected to same post-installation and sued them, coupled with the pursuit of ever-greener energy use.

In Scotland a cremation is known in the vernacular as 'a burn'.

TWINING said...

I'm tired!