Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mourne Mourns

This terrible incident highlights just how fine the line is between life and death for all those who serve.

It also looks like this was a particularly dreadful way to go.

I can only hope, but somehow doubt, that those who caused the assistance shout to be made, realise the implications of their actions.


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Monday, November 17, 2008

Time to get bizzy, apparently.

Personally, I thought I had been, but it seems I need to address some learning points.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dead Jolly

Just back from a very long shift that started teatime yesterday.... all say ahh!

As a famous dead Scottish TV detective once said, "There's been a murder."  As anyone Polis related will know, no-one actually says that - it's just a suspicious death till the charges are laid, but it was a good line.

Meanwhile a leading Scot commemorates another dead Scot rather well, if I may say so, here.

While on the topic of videos, please ensure you've seen the video in my last post.  In SMT mode, I require acknowledgement that you have undergone this bit of ODL via the post's Toy Town™  Thoughts link.  I will be checking! 

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Seeking attention

I was directed to this site by UHDD. I watched the video at the same time as I was considering another post on autism related matters in respect of an article I read.

Please take time to watch the video and read the article/comments.

The point the video makes and one that hit home was that making snap judgements without investigating properly can seriously discriminate against those with conditions they would not wish upon their own worst enemies.

As stated, coincidentally, I had seen the headline about Gary McKinnon and was about to launch into a tirade about why the heck should British taxpayers have to fork out for his detention over this side of the pond, when suddenly the fact that he has Aspergers grabbed my attention. I hope to God that the USA's intoxication with all things security related does not cloud the fact that Gary may not have had the restraint in his actions that you or I might imagine as 'normal.' I will be watching that case with interest.

Never, ever, think that those with problems with their noggins are less human than you or I.


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Change we need

Once you go Barack, you never go back.

I am aware that fellow bloggers are split on who should have won the US Election.

I don't know if Obama can live up to the hype and rhetoric, but I do know that his election heralds a new era as far as diversity is concerned. Let's face it he has been welcomed with open arms by most black and white constituents even though he is actually mixed race. That, I think, speaks volumes about change in the USA and I hope will project a more tolerant attitude to others abroad and a similar sympathetic response from us foreigners to the US. God knows the USA needs an image overhaul abroad!

In terms of genuinely amazing events this stands up with other sights I never thought I'd see in my lifetime such as the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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