Thursday, November 06, 2008

Change we need

Once you go Barack, you never go back.

I am aware that fellow bloggers are split on who should have won the US Election.

I don't know if Obama can live up to the hype and rhetoric, but I do know that his election heralds a new era as far as diversity is concerned. Let's face it he has been welcomed with open arms by most black and white constituents even though he is actually mixed race. That, I think, speaks volumes about change in the USA and I hope will project a more tolerant attitude to others abroad and a similar sympathetic response from us foreigners to the US. God knows the USA needs an image overhaul abroad!

In terms of genuinely amazing events this stands up with other sights I never thought I'd see in my lifetime such as the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Stonehead said...

I do wonder if Presidential Election will turn out like the '97 General Election. People celebrated when the Tories got the boot, only to find they'd elected something even more odious.

And on the diversity thing, I find it interesting that Obama is being celebrated as the first "black" or "African-American" president, effectively wiping out his mother's family and ancestry. I like the fact that he's mixed race, bringing black and white together in one person. It's a shame that's sidelined.

Kenny O said...

What was the reaction to Obama winning...over there in the UK?
Cst KO

Noddy said...


I think Stonehead sums my view up well. When NuLabour got in in 97 the song that accompanied it was,"Things can only get better." At the time that WAS what many of us thought. It is a matter of opinion as to whether it has.

No one man can change everything, but his election at least has broken down a few walls already. We wish him luck and I cannot believe he can possibly project a worse image of the States than Dubya and his old man could!

Amongst fellow bloggers there did seem to be a fair bit of support for McCain over this side of the Pond, but it was from the right wing/traditionalist/isolationist types you'd expect to hang their colours that way.

Me - I'd have voted for Obama.