Thursday, November 06, 2008

Seeking attention

I was directed to this site by UHDD. I watched the video at the same time as I was considering another post on autism related matters in respect of an article I read.

Please take time to watch the video and read the article/comments.

The point the video makes and one that hit home was that making snap judgements without investigating properly can seriously discriminate against those with conditions they would not wish upon their own worst enemies.

As stated, coincidentally, I had seen the headline about Gary McKinnon and was about to launch into a tirade about why the heck should British taxpayers have to fork out for his detention over this side of the pond, when suddenly the fact that he has Aspergers grabbed my attention. I hope to God that the USA's intoxication with all things security related does not cloud the fact that Gary may not have had the restraint in his actions that you or I might imagine as 'normal.' I will be watching that case with interest.

Never, ever, think that those with problems with their noggins are less human than you or I.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Noddy!

Indeed, people with neurological differences are much misunderstood. Badger's brain is definitely different and certainly not less-than. The contact I've had with Aspies makes me think that Gary's actions could well have been influenced by it. I'm not even sure it's about restraint - if you genuinely don't see the importance of the consequences of something then there isn't even an intent to restrain yourself from doing it. I really hope the UK government stand by him.

Stray x

Casdok said...

I saw this video earlier today on another site. Very interesting as my son self injures. And it has certainly had an impact on the support and care he recieves.
Good that this is being highlighted.

Itwasntme said...

Thanks very much for posting this. I think it's an issue that really needs to be looked at by many professionals. I'm glad you're bringing it to the attention of people here - especially as it will be seen by police officers. I have borderline personality disorder and although I'm highly intelligent I'm seriously affected by "attention seeking" behaviours and this brings me to the attention of the police. I'm fed up of being told to "grow up" when I'm emotionally distressed. This is a real issue that affects people who can appear to be 'normal'. This video highlights the fact that most professionals aren't trained or even educated about these conditions and therefore often don't deal with the sufferers accordingly. This is something of which I have lots of first hand experience.

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

Thanks for sharing that video. Really does make you think.

annettesblog said...

Hi noddy,great blog.
Thanks for your comments on my blog site,back to normal now.
Thank goodness.

Vetnurse said...

I can not watch the video where l am staying/working all l see is a blank space.

I did read the link and also listen to a BBC dramatisation a few months back on radio4 about what Gary got upto and l was "swinging both ways" over what happened.
You total pratt l have no sympathy for you, are you stupid.
Bloody yanks taking an easy target as everyone and their uncle what was it 300 people/night hacked the computers you asked for it.

What they failed to say was that Gary had Aspergers and l did not realise till now. I am now back at the soft target option.
It explains so much that the BBC did not make clear.
Not getting out of bed/oversleeping, obsession with (aliens/nasa), relationship problems, unable to hold a proper job etc.
A friend has a son with aspergers and she told me the signs he has and all fit the above.

I doubt that Gary stands a chance, even the human rights court doesn't even give a damm. I think that "human rights" have got lost in the do good movement that rules our lives nowadays. This means that those that DO need the help are overlooked or pushed aside.

uphilldowndale said...

Well said McNod

Vetnurse said...

Been thinking on this. The difficulty comes in if someone has a mental issue and is insistent that they are in charge of their own treatment.
If they are meant to be on drugs or other type of treatment and do not take them or do/see whatever for any reason who then is responsible if the mental issue person does something wrong?

If the person made the decision that they take responsibility for themselves should they face the consequences of that decision, or should whoever was “in charge” take that sanction and be made to suffer the consequences? On the theory that the mental health person was not fully in charge of his faculties to take that decision and if it is taken that should that person not be in a mental health home/control situation where they live within their ability.

So if Gary had a known problem, he was meant to have therapy, if any was available to help him run his life and refused who is to blame? Gary or those around him that knew he had a problem and left him to sink. Or is the blame to be attached to those that should have (whoever they are) that did not supply the back up that was needed to Gary or his family to help him and them cope.

This does not just apply to Gary but to all mental health patients.

DBA Dude said...

Watched the video and it really makes you think, very well put together.

Now where do I go to get my diversity training form signed?