Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mourne Mourns

This terrible incident highlights just how fine the line is between life and death for all those who serve.

It also looks like this was a particularly dreadful way to go.

I can only hope, but somehow doubt, that those who caused the assistance shout to be made, realise the implications of their actions.


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annette said...

Oh noddy, that is the most saddest and horrendous incident I have ever heard of.

Those poor policemen and their families.


Anonymous said...

Really awful.However,there is no way that those calling for assistance were to know that this was going to happen.The shout could have been for something serious or trivial,but you have to consider the area they were in.The threat level over here is sky high.Everyday we are getting told that it is only a matter of time before another peeler gets killed by terrorists. Those that called for assistance were not to blame.

Noddy said...


I think you missed my point. I was targeting the MOPs that caused the no doubt genuine shout for help from the Cops.

AnneDroid said...

Very very sad...

soud1 said...

Noddy,Fair enough.But as you can imagine I don't think it will.You do deserve a word of thanks for posting it up,it doesn't appear to be mentioned on the other blogs. It does appear to be a freak accident.The rear doors seem to have jammed the central locking and as the vehicle is armoured the glass could not be broken.There is an escape hatch at the rear through the back seat,but with all the kit on,very difficult.The shogun's aren't a great drive and pretty unstable in the wet,doesn't take much to lose control. Today we've been told that the Bosses won't be taking them off the road and I can't understand that.If it's happened once it could happen again.What more does it take to say that it's unsafe? Actually I can answer that.We got them for free and we can't afford new vehicles.Thanks again for posting it.s

Noddy said...


There were a couple other posts such as here and here.

soud1 said...

Got them.Cheers

Area Trace No Search said...

Also horrible for the officers that were calling for assistance at the time.

I hope they too are given support by the PSNI.

Thoughts and Prayers, as always.

RT said...

How sad. That is truly tragic.