Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dead Jolly

Just back from a very long shift that started teatime yesterday.... all say ahh!

As a famous dead Scottish TV detective once said, "There's been a murder."  As anyone Polis related will know, no-one actually says that - it's just a suspicious death till the charges are laid, but it was a good line.

Meanwhile a leading Scot commemorates another dead Scot rather well, if I may say so, here.

While on the topic of videos, please ensure you've seen the video in my last post.  In SMT mode, I require acknowledgement that you have undergone this bit of ODL via the post's Toy Town™  Thoughts link.  I will be checking! 

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1 comment:

AnneDroid said...

Alex Salmond was great as I M Jolly, of beloved memory. Really clever script too, whoever wrote it.

And I can report due diligence re the other video - which I watched (and commented favourably on) on another blog.