Monday, September 29, 2008

That's settled then.

Heard the one about the children's home not accepting their runaways back at 2am because the other cherubs were 'settled' and the influx of the returnees would disturb the others?

Laugh, I nearly choked.

Sticking on topic for a change, on two occasions recently, when asking parents for a photo of their missing weans, I was amazed (well not really) to be advised they didn't have such a thing. That speaks volumes to me.

Mind you there's no test before you have kids, but sometimes I wish there was.

Meanwhile below there's a few snippets I read which might help understanding some kids.

Autism in girls may be missed.

Let's not turn our back on troubled children.

Parents need lessons in ADHD.

It also seems we are persecuting our future generation according to Barnardos.

Kids, who'd have 'em.

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uphilldowndale said...

Depressing reading :(