Thursday, September 25, 2008

The dark side

What I learnt today at work is that I'm fooked.

According to an outside agency trainer, you have a clear (sic) choice of what to drink, alcohol wise, but be careful because the darker the brew the more deadly the hangover you can expect as a result.

I'm worried, 'cos I'm more of a brown beer and Guinness man than a lager lout, I prefer red rather than white wine and whisky rather than vodka.

But hey ho, old habits die hard!

I am not going to rename this blog vodka and lager any time soon.

.... and is this colour prejudice?

I need proof (preferably at least 38% with ice).

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Fitaloon said...

Don't tell me you are watering down the whisky again with that ice stuff, just makes the colour lighter. If God had meant you to add water to whisky he wouldn't have made it at least 38% proof.

DBA Dude said...

Feck, I am screwed as well.

"with ice"? - a wee drap of water maybe, but ice!

AnneDroid said...

I have a dark side too. Black coffee, diet coke and red wine (not all in the one cup).

I do sometimes lighten the darkness with some Strongbow/Magners.

Noddy said...

The ice disnae get a chance to melt loon!

Noddy said...

I'm gonna get technical here boys. You should always add a drop of water to release the vapours so they say, but I hate watering it down so I choose ice. Now get off my case!

p.s. Have you tried a 'warm' Laphroaig? Cowkin', min!

Noddy said...

Magners - now there's a nice drink with lots of ICE!

Noddy said...

p.s. what is it about you DBA types that you blog comment at 7 in the morning?

Stonehead said...

The experts obviously have not drunk scrumpy. My last 5-gallon batch came in at 9.7%, was best drunk through a beard, and brought out the Wurzel in everyone game enough to try it. I'm starting the next batch tomorrow.

Noddy said...


40 pints of scrumpy! Do you make your own analgesia? lol