Monday, September 15, 2008

Tha i fliuch.

Well that's the tourist trade done for again.

Apparently it's WET in Scotland and this causes us Jox to drop down dead at an alarming rate. I'm told we get only as much sun as those folk up north of the Arctic Circle.

Funny that, I'm sure we had a season called summer due some day soon.

All this weather might explain some other daft Scottish traits.

Meanwhile, PeePee and all you monoglots doon south can get to grips with the other language spoken in these pairts as of the 19th. and then you might just understand the post title.

Global warming my posterior!

It's a fraud. Just what are the Polis doing about this?

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RT said...

I've always liked rain. Don't care to drive in it, but I love walking in it.

Is that genetic?

I've never seen a bunny without floppy ears. Poor bunny.

uphilldowndale said...

That's not a very inclusive sort of blog title is it McNoddy? but not to worry, I'd best get a grip of English first as Microsoft Word and this spell checker don't recognise monoglot.
I've got work to do.

Noddy said...

Tha mi duilich. Try this.

Mind you Goooooooooogle said "Do you mean MONGOLOID". Naughty!

DBA Dude said...

The title is one of the few Gaelic phrases that I know, used far too much in my youth!

Area Trace No Search said...


Please explain...

TWINING said...

You have been interviewed Noddy. Come on over!